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How To Reassemble The Trigger Group On The M1 Garand

Probably the most annoying part of reassembling the trigger group also happens to be the first step. If we have been brave or foolhardy enough to have removed the Clip Ejector Spring then we must first put it back in place.

The goal of this step is to get the rounded eye of the spring over the post pictured on the right, while also getting the bottom of the spring to nestle itself in the recess on the left.

As you can see in the photo below there is a little piece of metal (left) that you must bend the bottom of the spring over while keeping the eyelet of the spring on the post (right).

If the raised nub on the left is worn down or is rounded (as it can be on older trigger housings) then keeping everything in place is a trick that requires 3 hands or some patience.

Start the assembly process by threading the Clip Ejector Spring through the hole in the front of the trigger housing. The angled part of the spring should point out toward the left of the housing. Hold this in place with my thumb. or another finger during the balance of the operation.

The trick now is to pull up on the eyelet end of the spring while keeping the spring from rolling or turning and place it over the post in the rear inside of the trigger guard while at the same time lifting the middle of the spring up over the raised portion shown in the above photograph.

Once the Clip Ejector Spring gets into position it will naturally snap nicely into place.

There are times where everything will just work great though and POP it will snap right where it is supposed to go! More often than not however it will want to bend and twist out of position before it ever gets there.

One neat little trick that has helped particularly when we have a worn trigger housing or the bottom of the spring wants to slide out. It is illustrated below.

The idea is to find a BRASS key with an angle on the front tooth of about thirty degrees. Use this to lever the spring up and into position and then by tilting the key to allow the spring to slide off and come to rest right where it is supposed to ride.

When the spring is in place it will be pretty obvious as it will snap snugly against the left side of the trigger housing.

After fighting with the Clip Ejector Spring reattach the Trigger Guard. This is a simple process.

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