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How To Reassemble The Bolt Group Of The M1 Garand

When it is time to put the bolt group back together make a habit of first laying out all of the parts and checking to make sure they are all there. Nothing beats finally getting everything in place while holding tension on a spring only to find that you don't have the extractor handy and have to start over.

When putting the M1 Garand back together you need very few tools. In the case of the bolt group all we use is a plastic writing pen with a sturdy body.

Wear safety glasses when doing stripping or re-assembly as there is the possibility of a spring popping lose and you don't want to lose your vision over maintaining a rifle.

Begin by coating all parts in a very thin coating of oil. Because of concern for slam-fires, put as little as you possibly can on the firing pin.. just barely enough to keep it from rusting.

Then begin the re-assembly process by replacing the firing pin in the bolt.

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