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Detail Stripping The Sights On The M1 Garand

The photographs that follow show the removal of the front sight after the Gas Cylinder has been removed from the M1 Garand Rifle. We do not however generally remove the Gas Cylinder from the rifle when working on the front sight. For photographic clarity however, the photographs in this section show the process being done on a Gas Cylinder that is not attached to the rifle.

The first step in removing the Front Sight is to loosen the Front Sight Screw with a 3/16th inch Allen Wrench. (These wrenches are also referred to as Hex Keys in some circles.)

Before loosening the Front Sight Screw I will sometimes mark the top of the Gas Cylinder where the sight and the Cylinder come together with a Sharpie style marker. This makes it more easy to replace the sight in exactly the same spot.

To loosen the Front Sight Screw I place the small end of the Allen Wrench into the head of the Front Sight Screw and turn it counter clockwise several turns.

When the Front Sight Screw is loose enough to turn easily, (and after it has been backed out of its recess far enough), turn it with fingers until the threads are disengaged and it is loose.

Pull the Front Sight Screw out and set it aside.

The Front Sight can now be pushed straight off of the Gas Cylinder as shown below.

That's all there is to removing the front sight!

Next, removal of the Rear Sight.

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