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Reassembling The Stock
Of The M1 Garand


Re-attaching the Buttplate is easy enough. The first step is to drop the Rear Sling Swivel into the elongated hole that is cut for it in the Buttstock.

When the swivel is in place, refit the Buttplate to the stock. The smaller end of the Buttplate slips on in a downward position so that the cleaning kit door will open up to the right of the weapon.

When the Buttplate is in place insert the Lower Butt-Screw and feed it into the bolt part of the Lower Sling Swivel. When you have have them mated tighten the screw down just a tad.

The next step naturally enough is to insert the Upper Buttplate Screw. Tighten this screw down to just where it is firm. Having done so move back to the the Lower Buttplate Screw and tighten it till it is solidly in place. Follow by tightening the top screw the rest of the way.

Next move on to the fore-grip area.

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