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M1 Garand Buttstock/Rear Swivel

Part name: Rear / Buttstock Swivel

Part Function: The Rear Swivel held a canvas or leather sling enabling the more easy transport of the rifle by individual soldiers. Most slings are designed to allow a soldier to hang his rifle from his shoulder and down his back. Some slings however are designed to help stabilize the rifle when it was fired resulting in better chances of hitting the target. The canvas slings issued for the M1 were mostly to help carry it and the leather ones could be used to stabilize it.

Special Notes: To prevent corrosion I do not store my rifle with the sling attached to the swivels.

Other items of interest in this photograph: Junior Red Cross Pin. The Junior Red Cross helped out during the war doing numerous small duties to help the war effort. These little pins were issued to those that helped.

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Part shown in final assembly.

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