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M1 Garand Rear Sight Assembly

Part name: Rear Sight Assembly

Part Function: The Rear Sight Assembly holds the peep sight aperture (rear sight) which is lined up with the front sight which is in turn placed on the target. The Rear Sight Assembly also houses the elevation and windage knobs. Sights are used to help point the weapon in a correct and repeatable way at targets.

Special Notes: Sight markings can be seen more easily if they are made visible using a china marker. The waxy markings can later be easily removed with gun solvent.

Other items of interest in this photograph: In the background you can see a newspaper announcing VE-Day. Victory In Europe Day marked the end of the war in Germany and the return home of many of our troops to a grateful nation. Let us not forget their sacrifice nor should we throw away the constitutional rights they secured for us at great personal cost. Had it not been for the brave men who fought in World War Two we would have lived the last generation in a fascist centralized state.

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Part shown in final assembly.

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