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M1 Garand Follower Rod

Part name: Follower Rod

Part Function: The Follower Rod transforms the power from the Operating Spring into pressure on the Follower. The Follower Rod also helps to hold the rear end of the spring in place.

Special Notes: The Follower Rod rides in the groove of the Operating Rod Catch. Rivets on the Follower Rod must be tight. Also be aware that there are two sizes of Follower Rod 'forks' (the split area in the rear). Long forks kept the rod from getting disconnected from the follower arm when grenades were launched from the M1 Rifle. Short fork Follower Rods were supposed to have been replaced.

Other items of interest in this photograph: A 'Silver Certificate'. During W.W.II and the Korean War the United States backed all of its currency with precious metals such as gold and silver just as is prescribed in the constitution. This kept inflation to a minimum and gave the population confidence in the money. Bills such as this one could be turned in for 1 dollar in silver coins at any bank and at any time.

Follower Rod shown in final assembly.

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