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Follower & Follower Slide Assembly

Part name: Follower and Follower Slide - Assembly

Part Function: The Follower presses up on the cartridges in the clip so as to prepare them for feeding.

The Follower Slide rests on top of the follower and moves back and forth about 1/4 inch providing a more even pressure to the individual cartridges. The reason that the Follower Slide is designed to move back and forth is so that it can come into contact with the lower cartridge in the clip no matter if the cartridge is loaded into the clip on the left or the right.

Special Notes: The follower and follower slide are pictured together here. I do not disassemble these parts.

Other items of interest in this photograph: Ration Token

Parts shown during re-assembly.

This page was last updated on: March 14, 2002


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