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M1 Garand Clip Latch, Spring, And Pin

Part name: Clip Latch

Part Function: The Clip Latch retains the clip in the M1 rifle until the last cartridge is fired whereupon it is moved out of the way by the tail end of the operating rod catch and allows the clip to eject. The Clip Latch is also used to manually unload the weapon without firing.

Clip Latch Pin fastens the clip latch and the clip latch spring on to the left hand side of the receiver (frame) of the M1 Garand.

The Clip Latch Spring provides pressure to the clip latch thus moving the clip latch into position to hold the clip in place until the operating rod catch pulls the clip latch down in order to eject the clip.

Clip Latch Parts

Special Notes: The top of the picture shows the Clip Latch Pin, on the left is the Clip Latch Spring and on the right is the Clip Latch itself inverted as seen from 'behind'. When there is no pressure on it, the clip latch should move freely with firm pressure.

Other items of interest in this photograph: Dog Tags. Though M1s are best known for being carried by those in the Army and the Marines, M1 Rifles were also used by the Navy and the Air Force for various duties. The top dog tag is a W.W.II era Navy Dog Tag, the bottom is a Korean War era Air Force Tag. Dog Tags were a means to identify bodies of men killed in action. Note the 'tooth slot' on the Air Force Tag. Tags were jammed between the teeth of corpses after death and before transport so as not to be lost.

Clip Latch, Clip Latch Spring, and Clip Latch Pin Installed

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