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M1 Garand Barrel

Part name: Barrel

Part Function: The Barrel is a tube of metal with spiral cut channels on the inside. The high point of these channels are called lands the low points are called grooves. This set of lands and groves are called rifling inside a barrel.

The barrel stabilizes the fired bullet before it leaves the rifle by imparting a spin on it as the bullet passes down the barrel.

M1 Garand barrels have a tiny hole drilled through them near the muzzle. (The forward tip of the barrel.) This hole vents a bit of the gas produced by the combustion of the gunpowder into the Gas Cylinder so as to operate the semiautomatic mechanism of the rifle.

The barrel on an M1 also has an integral 'chamber' machined into it which holds the cartridge before it is fired.

click here for larger image of the barrel - photo (c) 2000 by

Special Notes: This photo may be clicked for a larger image.

Other items of interest in this photograph: The barrel lies on a bed of hundreds of spent 30-06 shell casings.

Chamber end of the barrel - note threads for attatchment to receiver.

The chamber end of the barrel where it is screwed into the receiver.

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Barrel shown in final assembly.

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